KK's Krystal Katcher/Glitter Pouring System

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Don't you hate when you lose product applying crystal pixies & loose glitters? You NEED KK's Crystal Catcher! This System is essential in avoiding product loss when pouring crystal pixie, glitters or powder onto the nail! Super Efficient and easy to use!Contains 2 tray slots to collect and recycle product.


How to Use:

1. Pour your products onto the nail using a cuticle pusher or whatever pot it comes in!

2. Take out the first tray and pour over the nail again to get any spots missed

3. If there is still missing spots, place tray 1 back into the system and repeat step 2 with tray 2 that has the product in

4.Pour the remaining product on the trays back into their original pots5. Voila! You have now successfully covered the nail with 0 product loss!